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KOMEX INTERNATIONAL is a consultant, supplier, technology expert working primarily in the field of security printing, personalization, and E-documents business. We offer wide range of consumables, spare parts, hardware and software solutions for printing factories, money printing plants and other customers across the Central Asia, Africa, CIS and Middle East territories.  Based on our experience in Security Printing we have the know-how to master any new project to customer satisfaction.
KOMEX INTERNATIONAL has an extended trading experience for

- Import and Export of raw materials, chemical additives, machinery and equipment
- Commodity Trading
- Cross Trading

which allow us handle custom clearance or exports procedures without any delay. Our staff has years of experience with shipping documents issuing, L/C handling and legalizations of documents or certificates.
We have a wide range of internationally recognized Air-cargo, Sea, Railway, Trucking and Express Courier service providers.

KOMEX INTERNATIONAL also represents as an exclusive export company of KOMSCO’s security solutions in Central Asia.